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How to Play?

The game is 10 mins long and played in 2 and 4 player modes.
All tokens are in open position initially.
Each player is given 15 seconds to make a move.
If a player skips their turn 3 times, they are removed from the game.
There is a scoring system in the game
After the end of 10 mins the players are ranked on by their scores.
Moving a token by 1 box increases the score by 1 point.
If a token reaches home, 56 bonus points are awarded.
If a token gets cut, it loses all its points and goes back to the start.
Get the highest score and win cash prizes!!

What is Ludo Naira?

Ludo Naira is a skill-based real-money Ludo game. By playing this you can win real cash awards and prizes. People from all over Nigeria are playing this game and winning money. Now playing ludo is even more fun.
Play Ludo Win Naira !!

Iphone X with Ludo Screen


  • Exciting New Format

    Don't need to wait for your token to be unlocked. Each player's token is already unlocked. Game has a points system, you can win even by killing the opponent's token. This 10 minute game is like a thriller you wanna play over and over again !!

  • Cash Prizes

    Now earn money sitting at home. Ludo Naira has lots of cash prizes. Win in the game and win exciting awards. This is not just a game it might become your new job!!